my little pork chop...

my ham handed rambling could never express my feelings

even dried, salted or smoked...

although i know you've saved my bacon

as i toiled alone through a thousand rainy nights

after swill: my broad snout dripping refuse...

my stout, bristly body...

and short legs,

not domesticated.

And snorting.

my lovelorn stories:

pining for unrequited love

feature in every scene: there is you

and me with ears...


Oh won't you accept my invite

To join me

In my piggery,

I could lie you down...

and go the whole hog:

drooling over your tenderloins...

drooling from knee to fetlock...

snout snapping out butter sweet love word drippings...

mighty earlobes flapping

out their one lone love song.


I could allow you to ruffle me.

Place an apple in my mouth.

Yank my tail.

Have me dance,

on dainty hoof.

Ears wiggling and flapping...

with every submissive move.


And that is everything:

Right before you you decide.

Should you accept I could be so happy:


And piggy back you inside...


All my lovelorn:


Mark Seabrook

February 22, 2001

Copyright © 2001 Mark Seabrook