Mark the Poet

The whole reason for my writing poetry was for the band. Even before the band. Cruising back to the Ranch with My Young Friend was written in the winter of 91. A Thousand Mile Drive was written behind the wheel of a speeding automobile, in the middle of the night, back in the mad summer of 94. But I've always known some day I would be in a band, and we would need some lyrics. So I got to writing these when ever the thoughts came to me. Some of them are going to end up on this project called: Two Crows Freezing Moon, a performance poetry CD which will be created by the lads of No Rez, for music, and the vocal delivery will be handled by Jen. So stay tuned for that one.

These poems and other can be found in this collection called: Crossroads Cant Collective. Check out the Broken Jaw website for that one. Joe Blades, publisher.

my little pork chop...


Logging Road

River Inside

A Thousand Mile Drive: at a Hundred Miles an Hour

Sun and Moon

the words to a song i have no music for

Cruising back to the Ranch with my young friend

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