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Springtime 2008

Aanii, Boozhoo, and Hello! Aniish ezhibimadziiyin? Niin, n'minobimadis! And I can tell you I'm glad to see old man winter in his last days, the ten feet of snow outside my door is going to be around till April 18th at least, reminders of a winter that's going into the history books!
In the art department, I was in two shows to kick off the new year! A group show at the Cube Gallery on 7 Hamilton Street was an absolute blast and the other, a solo show at the Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro on 108 Murray Street was another 25 painting extravaganza, both venues here in Ottawa.
One of my favourite pieces, Moon Boy, 36x48 inches, was the first one to go! I painted that one last autumn, late September/early October and as soon as it was finished I knew I'd made something special. I said to one of the lads, that one right there is the first one out the door! It went on opening day at the Cube Gallery. Another of my favourite compositions featuring the Mukwa, the Ginebik and the Oga, went to the youngest art collector I ever met! Her story, "For the young at art", was featured in the March 15th copy of the Ottawa Citizen!!
I'm going back to the Cube Gallery in May, for another group show, and you can boot up their website for the details. And I believe I'm going back to the Sweetgrass in August.
I am not going back to the north country, to the trusty ABL Studio, as things have gone from bad to worse up there. I've not been in the classroom since Halloween and if you want the dirt on that story, just read the description for "An Ojibwe In the North Country", 22x28 inches, painted in 2004, posted in the paintings section. Seems that old Anishnabe teaching is correct, the old hoop is full of black and white.
In closing, here is a photo, taken on March 2nd, of my old buddy Jazz Moon and me standing in front of Moon Boy!
Chi Miigwetch!

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New Show at the Cube Gallery

Here's what is going on in February at the Cube Gallery with the group show I'm in. The show starts today, February 3rd, with the opening ceremony from 2pm to 4pm. The other bit of news is there is a show on right now, January 14th and running until March, at the Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro, I'll have some photos soon of the newer work to put up here, maybe even later today, so check in from time to time. Mark.

Thanksgiving 2007

Aanii! Hope you're having a grand celebration this Thanksgiving. We did it up in style at our house with a turkey and all the flashing trimmings. We're not back at the Ranch with the gang but the capital city is an alright place too.

The Sweetgrass Bistro show went very well! Ten of the twenty pieces sold and were shipped to all points on the compass, two went all the way to England!!! The show went in on July 9th and didn't come out until mid September and we've been booked to show again in January and February. So that is very exciting news!

A collection of new and older paintings went into Rasputin's on Bronson on October 5th, you can see those anytime this month, the show comes down around the 30th. One of these days I hope to dust off the guitar and loosen up the vocals and play a little show over there, something called: Songs from the Woodlands, but that isn't going to happen until I get someone riding shotgun on the 2nd guitar!

And if you are in the good town of Wakefield, Quebec, you can see a few of my paintings hanging at Khewa, a gallery right there on the main street over looking the river.

Here is a photo, taken sometime in the first week of October, of the woodlands where I work and where most of the painting is done. I like to spend most of the evening with the paints and brushes, but there is always time to take in a sunset on those quiet shorelines and this was one of them.

That's it for now.

Have fun!

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February 25, 2007

Aanii, Boozhoo and hello! Hope 2007 is getting off to a good start for you. I have been working on new ideas and putting the finishing touches on illustrations for children's books we have been working on for what seems like a very long time... But!!! The illustrations are being finished and soon we shall be posting a few of those here on the site! March Break is approaching and I'm taking that week to complete those projects. Here is a small example of the ideas I've been working on this year. Been playing with the blues once again!

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New batch of paintings.

November 17, 2006

Peter Purdy, curator at Gallery 7a here in Ottawa, invited me into his latest group show which opened on November 17th and runs for a month. The group show features four area aboriginal artists, Peter, John Tenasco, Ross Rheaume and myself, all aboriginal but vastly differing in style and subject matter.

I had been working on my "blue wolf" theme, making sketches on canvas boards all last spring and summer, but here was the opportunity to show one on canvas. In the photo below you will see the blue wolf in the 36x48 inch format and a raven, inspired by the work of Norval M., on a 22x28 inch canvas. In the middle, well that is me and my old buddy Jasmine Moon, attending the show opening!

Chi miigwetch to Peter Purdy and his team at Gallery 7a.

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Gallery 7a artshow

March 17, 2006

The Great Hall at The National Gallery of Canada. It was "Artist Independence" day at the National Gallery and what a grand day it was! We had 400 boards ready for the crowd of all ages and by 3 p.m. we were empty handed! It was great to see young and old try their hands in the woodland style of art, using examples from the almighty, Norval Morrisseau as well as 8 of my paintings which were on display. Many kind words were exchanged and a lot of fun had while we explored the Thunderbird, the Bear, the Fish, the Raven and the self portrait. The Great Hall truly is a great place. As I was walking in early Friday morning I thought what a fantastic room this is. It was made even more fantastic with the voices of many people, the music from 4 very talented music groups and the good food, including the edible art: cake! Definitely an enjoyable experience! Many thanks go to Shelina M. and her great staff and of course the Teen Council. Chi Miigwetch!

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Painting in the Woodland Style

February 25, 2006

I was at the National Gallery of Canada on Saturday, February 25th, conducting a little painting workshop for the Teen Council, painting "In the Style of Norval Morrisseau". Norval Morrisseau's "Man Changing Into a Thunderbird" was huge to me when I was starting out at the Georgian College Art Department, Year 3. Before my introduction to that 6 panel masterpiece I was painting landscapes and having troubles. My instructor introduced me to the big book full of color plates and it magically flipped open to the pages featuring "Man Changing... " and I was hooked. I had seen work by Blake Debassige and Martin Panamick before but the timing was right when the instructor passed the big book. That was quite a few years ago. I got my first look at the real deal, the gigantic 6 panels over at the National Gallery on February 4th and what a grand event that was for me. I stood there in the room with them for a couple of hours drinking in the beauty and the beast.

The Teen Council workshop was also a grand event. I was expecting maybe one or two of these young folks might have some talent with the colors and the brush but I was wrong!!! I had 20 young people in there and all of them were qualified and potentially great painters. They were already great painters as far as I was concerned, the day I saw them, working with acrylics on 18x24 inch canvas. It brought back a lot of memories, watching them explore the surface and the color and the capabilities of the brush. My instructor told me in Year 2, every year the students are better, better than the group before them. You are better than the students who are a year ahead of you and those students down there, just starting in year 1, they are better than you! I thought, "Yeah right... " But here they are, a number of years later and they are great! The things they were doing in that gallery studio was mind boggling! When I was their age I certainly wasn't that far along. I was impressed and inspired, hopeful for the future. Nice work and what amazing people, these young folks who belong to the National Gallery of Canada's Teen Council.

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Drawing Our Personal Symbols..

If you are free on St-Patty's day, join me at the National Gallery of Canada for the "Artistic Independence! - ANNUAL TEEN EVENT", Friday 17 March from 10 am to 4 pm. I'll have a couple of my art pieces there and will be doing some painting as well. For more information click here: National Gallery of Canada Programs & Activities and scroll down to the section pertaining to local artists.

Hope to see some of you there!

June 6th, 2005

Greetings folks! Hope you are in great spirits today. I have had a busy one, delivering 17 new paintings, all of them in blue Blue blue, to the good folks at the Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro on Murry Street in Downtown Ottawa. I delivered them this afternoon and the show opened on time with a grand crowd on hand. I gave the tour, then we sat down for dinner and it was an awesome dining experience once again! I went with the peppercorn elk with a tasty Australian shiraz. The last time I had elk was way back in the late spring of 1991, we were up north of Prince Albert near the town of Debden, and the good native folks of that country invited us in for dinner: they served us roast elk and it was something to write home about. So Monday night was like old times.

The paintings for this show were created during the month of May. I went back to the old art school rule of sketch first, work the composition, and when its ready, go to the canvas. So I painted 100 sketches, mapping out all the ideas and color schemes and I have to admit, I am pretty pleased with the canvasses this year. They are 24x36 inches and smaller but I can tell you some of those would look pretty slick on a 36x48 inch canvas. The good folks at Stevensons in Toronto make the acrylic paint I use and I can tell you this too, that those new colors in blue, those are the ones for me!

Its been an enjoyable spring in the north country and beautiful in the good city of Ottawa. I was hoping to have a photo of me and my sweet little Jazzy standing on the lawns at the parliament buildings but she just would not have any of it. She is two and half and on the go! What a beautiful experience she has been.

Well that is all for now, I hope to get back with you next month, when I get back to the city, and share a few photos of more new paintings which are developing nicely while I spend the next 3 weeks in the north country. If you want to get in touch or drop me a line, send it to, I check the messages everyday.


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New show at the Sweetgrass Bistro

March 5th, 2005

Hellooo out there! How is old man winter treating you? Me: I've included a photo of the north country, where most of the painting happens. The pic was taken in February and is just outside my front door! The giant wilderness in winter can be a very spooky place, even for us Ojibways who have been tramping through it for a million years.

In the painting department, if you look at October's news and photo, you will see a photo of me at the Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro, where the show last autumn was hugely successful and we've re booked for this summer, but what I want you to look at is that painting hanging on the far left. The blue and black one with the four fish and the five ravens... There are two of them in this color scheme titled: Deep Blue Dreams. Those colors are really calling out to me right now. This winter's painting has been almost entirely in shades of blue and I am not through with them. In fact, I looked over the older compositions and imagined what they might look like in those colors. Many moons ago in art school I had been muddling with a composition and it wasn't working out because the colors were all wrong. The painting was finished and I said, well so much for that one! My instructor was standing there and said why not try it in a different color scheme? I remember asking: You can do that? And he said of course you can, you're the artist, you can do anything! (aaah... he was a great instructor who taught me many things and I never thanked him once. the things young people do... )

So I am going to go back to an older composition: Aabiish Enjiibayin?, and give it a go in the blues. I'm telling you right now I think I'm going to be pretty pleased with the end results. Aabiish Enjiibayin is Ojibwe for: Where did you come from? That is a great question to ponder while sitting on the frozen, white lake at full moon, pine trees snap, cracklin, and popping from the extreme cold!

We are still working on those children's stories and have a third one in the works with a beauty title: The Bears Go Bowling at Night. True story too! I'll save that one for another time.


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Cabin fever in the North Country

October, 2004

If you are looking for an awesome meal with excellent service: go to the Sweetgrass Bistro down at 108 Murray Street, in the Market District in Ottawa. I had the opportunity to enjoy their roast caribou and wow! You are in flavour country when you dine with those good folks. All I can say is this: the dining experience was awesome! It was a fine way to cap off the grand opening of our latest show which started today, October 3rd, and runs until November 14th. We had a great crowd on hand throughout the afternoon and managed to sell 4 of the new pieces!

We also have a weekend show coming up at the Maclaren Centre, that would be over Thanksgiving Weekend, so if you didn't see the one you were looking for at the Sweetgrass Bistro, you might want to come and see us over at the Maclaren Centre either Friday evening or on Saturday afternoon. Hope to see you there!


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At the Sweetgrass Bistro

May, 2004

Boozhoo miinwaa! I know it's been a very long time since you last heard from me on this web page. There is a good reason: Please take a moment to look at the picture of my daughter and I on our way for a Saturday evening in the city in the spring time.

For those of you parents out there, you'll know what I mean when I say children require a lot of time. But what a wonderful and beautiful time it's been and continues to be. She has taught me many wonderful things and in Thanks, I am working on stories for children, illustrated in the woodland style and co-written with Michelle. The first story is entitled: "A Father and His Daughter", and is about a father away from home. We have it in the first draft stage and are working on the illustrations as we speak. There is a second one in the works, entitled: "Me, Frankie, and Spooky and Our Trip to the Moon." Kind of like a Halloween story and a celebration of playful spirits.

The 25 paintings I told you about last year are still in the hopper! They won't be for long because we've booked a show at Collected Works, here in Ottawa, and it's set to go for sometime in June. The paintings are along the lines of "Man in Dreamlandscape", with blue colors, and a lot of ravens carrying a lot of messages. The fish is featured in many of these paintings, as the intellect, assisting in working through the messages. The woodland man has changed! This show will mark the end for my woodland style of painting. I would like to get back to what I was painting a few years ago and never finished, paintings along the line of: Killers, A Self Portrait on January 24th.

Musically, I hate to say it but, I think the band is gone. So that means I'm going to start something brand new. I have been working on that using some very slick sounding native flutes. Also came across a 1948 Gibson mandolin which is a new instrument to me, and who knows where that will take us. Hopefully back to the stage!

Well that's it. That's the latest. We are starting a comments page so feel free to e mail and share. Hope to hear from you soon.

Mark Seabrook

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Me & Jazzy about to go out on the town

March, 2003

Aanii Everyone! Here is the latest from the twinravens news desk:

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The photograph here was taken when she was just 3 months old! She was born on November 18th. Mother and Child are safe. Father... well let's just say I haven't finished a painting since before Labour Day Weekend of last year!!!

The good news in the painting department: I have 25 small canvasses waiting in the wings, nearly finished. We should be displaying those here within the next month I hope, if everything goes well.

The two art shows we had last summer and autumn went well, I'm looking forward to booking a few more this summer!!! I especially am getting very anxious to expand the subjects and style of my paintings. The woodland series, once the next 25 are delivered, will be moved to the rear for re-fitting. In its place, we have other, more mischevious ideas up our Ojibwe sleeves... So please! Stick around for those. Hope to hear from you soon.


June, 2002

Got some big news! We have a big show at the Ottawa Bagel & Deli shop, from July 8 to August 18. The vernissage is July 11 at 6pm, hope you can make it! I also have some new paintings up, so check them out.

We've added a bunch more paintings and a page for shows.

February 25, 2002

Updated the front intro and made the menu graphics better. Hail the Gimp!

February 18, 2002

After a hiatus of sorts, we have some new paintings up: Wind, Meen Geezis, Mother and Child, and Young Man Before Leadership Council. We also put up Linc and my little pork chop... in with the poems. So check'em out, let me know what you think.

February, 2002

Plenty of changes since we last updated: First of all, I'm carrying two addresses right now. The fine city of Ottawa and the boon docks: the Rapid Lake Indian Reserve, northern Quebec, weekdays only. Been up here in the boons since the beginning of September. That is a story I wish not to get into here.

In the paintings department, I have had a half dozen paintings hanging at The Table on Dalhousie and Murry, in the Market District of Ottawa, since last summer and moved a few of them too! We've managed to ship some nice ones from there and I thank the owners for giving us the opportunity to show there. As far as I know, we are going to continue to show there. Great vegan menu too!

We also lugged a collection of paintings to Starwood, an awesome festival down near Sherman, New York. That was a totally awesome weekend for this boy. Left quite a few paintings down that way, and am hoping to get back there this summer for round two! That was in the sweet summer time and lads, that is a rocking good time if you're in the mood for some serious kicking back. You go to a place for the first time and... well in show bizz, sometimes it can be a scary place. But not Starwood. That place is too cool for school!

Also left a few paintings at the local, privately owned galleries down in the Muskokas over the summer and we manage to ship a few from there. One gallery in particular, The Park Lane Gallery, near Dwight, on highway 60, heading into the park... is extra warm and cosy with some fine and friendly folks working the floor. We hope to continue showing there, this summer.

Mega on the list to do, is the Merrickville Fine Art Show, south of Ottawa, coming up May Long weekend. We just got the go ahead and now its time to turn the keys, kick the tires and light the fires of the mighty Twinravens Creative Machine. Get that beast up and running at its full 12,000 horsepower, and roll some new work off the assembly line. We have a lot of new ideas, especially in the Mother and Child series, which is something brand spanking new. The older series, Woodland Men, is nearing the end of its days, and soon those boys will be gone forever, into the history books. Same goes with the Two Crows series. They will be gone forever, within the next few months. But the Mother and Child series is in its development stages but I can tell you right now, that one is going far!

And soon, you will be able to own a Mark Seabrook original for just 30 buckeroos! We are having some fine T-shirts made, featuring some of our favourite pics, including: Afraid to Wake Up, and an early example of: Mother and Child. So if you're in the mood for sporting some woodland art on a T, well get in touch with us cause I can tell you right now, shipping a T-shirt is going to be way easier than shipping a 30x40 acrylic on canvas!

We've got a lot of irons in the fire and lads she's a mighty big fire! So I hope you stay tuned, don't be afraid to contact us at, and take a look around in here. Soon we will have a guest book and if you're in the mood, why not drop us a line there too.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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