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No Reservations

Back in the late 1990s - early 2000s, I recorded two albums under the band name No Reservations. One of my fond memories regards the song Logging Road , which was written in the van on the awesome drive from Dawson City to Whitehorse, February 1997. The band was up there playing the Frost Bite Music Festival and had the opportunity to tour our little one act play, Dream Catcher, to the native communities, which included a one night stand in Diamond Tooth Gertie's. Great time had by all. Once the business of playing theatre was over, Shawn and Jen took the front seat, me and Shag sat in the back. We bought some new CDs for the mega drive back down to Whitehorse and the one I bought was Neil Young, Weld, a double live CD. The boys love NY. And when I heard "Cortez the Killer", while cruising through that snow-covered magic landscape, the idea for a tune came calling. I started with the end verse and worked my way back. Shag looked at it and said: "I don't know how you could ever write a song backwards".

We made it safe and sound back to Whitehorse, traded in the Chevy Suburban super limo deluxe for a jet and flashed back to Ontario and the rehearsal hall.

Next thing we know, Shawn's got this smoking song with no words. So I scrambled and wrote what I remembered of "Logging Road". We tossed the lyrics to Jen, and we went through it a few times.

They, Shawn and Jen, took it home, worked out the timing and when they came back we had another absolutely smoking No Rez tune on our hands. And that baby saw a lot of action. When Jen was on the road with us, "Logging Road" was on the set list at just about everywhere we played.

The band is no longer together, and it seems sad to let the songs just fade away. So here for your listening pleasure are a couple tracks from each of our two albums, now out of print. Enjoy.

No Reservations Necessary (©1997)

Logging Road

Carry On

Place of Peace

Hollywood Indian (©1998).


Red Man


Copyright & copy; 2001 Mark Seabrook