A Novel By Mark Seabrook

Sun, Infinity, moon is the story of three childhood friends growing up in a small town. One is a 60's scoop Survivor, another is a general issue white boy, the third is a rez Indian. Together they go through a rule childhood together they go through a rural childhood and into vastly different adult experiences.

"This is an adult Horror Story. It's Grim, gruesome, morbid, ghastly., grotesque and hideous. This is not a sweet and happy Indian Love Story placed in some magical Indian Disneyland, this is modern Indian horror at its ugliest. "

Dick Nahmiwan,
First Nations author of horror masterpiece, "The Therapy Chickens"

"Horror Story filled with ugly men and beautiful women. Very entertaining and not predictable. I love the wild sex scenes!"


Wendy Waawaaskesh-biinde-waazakonenjigan,
radio host on Anishinaabe Radio One 

"This is absolutely disgustingly filthy! This needs to be a movie!"


Jimmy Giiwanaadizi-maang,
Artistic Director of Ndodamnama Drama Team