Anishnabe Elder visiting a Paratrooper in Dreams,
June 5, 1944, 11:30 P.M. Panel 1

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, 36x48 inches

Painted over Easter weekend, 2001, in Ottawa.

Collection of the Artist.

The Anishnabe Elder comes to the Paratrooper who is snoozing aboard his c47, enroute to Normandy. The Elder is reminding the Paratrooper the culture will never leave him, no matter how great the fear and alarm the young man is about to enter into. The Elder reminds him that no matter what happens, the people of his community will never forget him or his name or what he's done for his country. The Elder is from the Fish Clan on his father's side, and the Bird Clan on his mother's side. The snake coiled around the elder's arm signifies the Snake Dance, a traditional Anishnabe dance which tells the story of one's life path. Also, the snake is there to guide the young paratrooper down to the river and into the spirit world, should the young man have to die in the far away land. The Snake Dance will guide him home.

Panel 2 is here.

Copyright & copy; 2001 Mark Seabrook