Meen Geezis, 1990

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, 36x60 inches

Painted at the Ranch, Summer 1990

Price $2,600

The bird design was one I had been working with for about 2 years. I loved the long graceful lines of the neck and beak. And I loved the combination of the phthalo blue, manganese blue, and the perm green. I started it in the kitchen with my mom and aunt joe working behind me. They were in the business of starting their own women's clothing company called Hawberry Habit. So there I am, the fireplace mantle as my easel. And there they are behind me, with sewing machines everywhere, fabric too, and the odd lost pin showing up in the end of a toe or ball of the foot... I worked on the sky for a few days and loved the look. The two ravens on the inside were the absolute beginning of the: Two Crows series, which is rolling strong to this day, especially the colour combination on the raven in red. The yellow shapes were from a dream: I saw a shawl dancer coming down from an July Sky, she was dressed in fire red garments and wow she was a beauty. I changed the shawl dancer to a male traditional dancer descending, and the raven above, watching over, speaking only when spoken to.

The creepy black weeds at the bottom, full of leaches and crawfish... were lines that came from a sketch book. My mom and I still love the painting, and we've decided to keep it. Funny how such a graceful and peaceful painting can come from a time in my life when it was more like a hurricane/blizzard/natural disaster... Of course in the end there was nothing natural about it but still... Its one of the few surviving pieces from that era. The rest have all been sold.

Copyright & copy; 2001 Mark Seabrook