Killers: A Self Portrait on January 24th

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, 36x48 inches

Painted at the Ranch, Manitoulin Island, January 1990

Collection of the Artist

I auditioned for Debajehmujig Theatre Group in December 1989. The production was slated to start in late January. My parents left for Florida right after Christmas and left me to hold the fort. Alone for 4 weeks, I settled in with a couple of large canvasses, my brushes and paints, Kitou the Cat, and some really loud music. While the blizzards of north Ontario raged outside, I sat cozy and warm inside, whooping up this picture. The design was made while half asleep in a lecture at Laurentian University, the previous winter. I wasn't sure where I was off to with the composition but used my favourite colours and came up with this finished piece in the 4 weeks. Which I liked so much, I decided to keep. The painting was used for the poster art for a play I wrote, "20th Century Indian Boy", which Debajehmujig produced in the autumn of '92. And after staring at the painting for 5 years, it became my inspiration for a poem, called "River Inside". Shawn Corbiere later took the words, gave them to Jen Brunelle, and said: Sing this while I play this. The song was recorded on No Reservations, "Necessary".

Copyright & copy; 2001 Mark Seabrook