Medium: Oil on canvas, 36x48 inches

Painted at the Ranch, October 1989

Price: $6500

Wind is the last oil painting I did. It was painted in the backyard over at the Ranch, Manitoulin Island, in October, 1989. I had worked for 2 weeks on a sky that would: say it all for me... When I had it finished, ready for the shawl dancer carrying the raven wing fan, I stood it up, stepped back, admired the beautiful sky and landscape background. While looking it over, a big blast of October wind came along and blew the painting off the easel, face down into the grass and the maple leaves. My sister Diana was walking up the driveway at that moment and saw the disaster unfolding. I ran to the painting and picked it up, only to find my 2 weeks of sky work was covered with leaves, grass, wood chips, all the nasty stuff that the gooey, wet oil paint could pick up.

I sat down and had a smoke.

Then I picked all the stuff off the face of the canvas and wondered if I could save the painting somehow. When it was clear that it was beyond repair, I took a rag and started scrubbing off the paint. And what I was left with, was the background you now see! I couldn't believe what was left. I absolutely loved the background. So I quickly painted the girl and it was finished that afternoon.

I liked it so much I decided to keep it for myself.

My sister Diana likes it too!

Copyright & copy; 2001 Mark Seabrook